Christina Owens, Violin
Noah Gall, Violin
Robert Block, Bass

Did you ever see a toddler just shimmy on up to an engaged chamber ensemble, no stage or obstacle, no restraining hands? The child is unaware that every limb and every part of their body is in motion. They just stare, in unblinking wonder that music comes from a musical instrument. It is a sight of impossible value. A life transformed, reformed. You can’t have that in a concert hall or venue. Sometimes, those plush seats have plush restraints. You must clear the floor and let them dance. Nothing else can positively recompense a musician as that child will.

Trio Mio Myo met and fused in community orchestras and, in particular, an opera company out of Brooklyn during a production of Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro. We reside in Brooklyn and Manhattan and so can easily access your location in the 5 boroughs of New York City. Long Island? Sure. New Jersey? It gets dicey, but we’ve done it.

What kind of situations are we good for? I’m glad you asked. Much of our paying work comes as wedding ceremonies, and sometimes, we get the cocktail hour. Then, D-jays and loud bands get the heavy lifting remainder of the party, and that’s fine with us. In the ceremonies, we generally play the traditional stuff: Ave Maria, Wedding March, you know. It is also, now, quite trendy to play contemporary music in this situation. So far, we have been requested to play Green Day, Radiohead, Coldplay, Guns n’ Roses and, AND, Metallica. Rockin’ down the aisle, ya’ know what I mean?

We have also been engaged for office/retirement/cocktail parties, backyard BBQ’s, store and gallery openings, and, as I said before, we are a big hit with little kids whenever we are lucky enough to get them.

A trio comprised of 2 violins and a bass is by no means typical, now, however, we like it and it gives us a little more range when we need to play pop tunes or a tango. And, we like it, did I say that? With bands like ours, folks tend to think string quartets. First of all, the music written for the Quartet is soooooo serious. Difficult to play and difficult to hear. Trio Music tends to be lighter, easier. No disrespect to Mozart or Beethoven. Additionally, quartets play sitting, requiring the men to wear nice socks. We play standing, and I avoid wearing socks entirely until the middle of September.